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MenuPay AB is listed on Spotlight and trades under the ticker
MENU B. Please see our page at Spotlight HERE.

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The total number of shares is 13.699.347, divided between 6.132.966 A shares and 7.566.381 B shares - only B-shares are listed and traded publically. The share capital is SEK 1.712.418,375 based on a nominal value of 0.125 per share. All shares have equal participation in the company’s assets and earnings.
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23-08-2017: MenuCards nya avtal med Club Matas kan bli en viktig genväg till break-even (Swedish)
23-08-2017: MenuCards nylige aftale med ClubMatas kan blive vigtig genvej til breakevena (Danish)
12-12-2016: Proinvestor initiates its coverage (Danish)


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Introduction to MenuPay

MenuPay is:
MenuPay is an app based service that appeals to companies and their employees. Using the app allows employees to navigate everything, from getting their first inspiration, to booking the table, and paying via their cell phone; including getting a 10-30% discount. A receipt can be sent directly to the company which they can use for their expense system.

MenuPay has agreements with over 450+ companies that represent over 650,000 employees and are connected to over 650+ quality restaurants. MenuPay charges a transaction fee based on how much the individual restaurant guest spends per visit. The payment system is approved by the Danish Financial authorities, Finanstilsynet which is equivalent to the Swedish Finansinspektionen.


Investment case

Disruptive App: MenuPay connects premium restaurants and guests by offering discounts and convenience, including inspiration, booking, mobile payment and handling of expense paperwork.

High risk/reward: MenuPay is listed at an early stage. Momentum is building and the need and potential is universal. With its IPO, MenuPay now pursues critical mass and highly profitable market leadership.

Want to know more?
Watch these investment presentations:

  18-10-2017 MenuCard Sedermeradagen Göteborg 2017 (English)

  09-05-2017 MenuCard Sedermeradagen Malmö 2017 (English)

  23-03-2017 Sedermeradagen in Copenhagen (Danish)

  14-12-2016: Sit down at Spotlight (English)

  14-12-2016: Investor meeting in Stockholm (English)

  15-12-2016: Investor meeting in Copenhagen (Danish)


Download the App
You can download the app (free of charge) and get a feel for the service, yet you can only use the service at restaurants and obtain the discount as a Member: IOS | Android

Become a member
If you would like your company to join as a MenuPay Partner Company, please contact account manager Kia Russ at This way, you and your colleagues can start using MenuPay free of charge.

Are you a shareholder?
If you are a shareholder and wish to claim your free membership, please send a mail to and attach copy/photo of documentation that you have purchased at least 1.000 shares. We will then send you a welcome mail with link for free membership sign-up.


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CEO, MenuPay AB
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2630 Taastrup

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