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Taxfree gift cards for employees in 2021

The practical aspect

With the adoption of the new Finance Act, it is now possible to distribute tax-free company gift card to all employees.
This opportunity has been adopted with the aim of stimulate the experience economy in Denmark, which has been hit quite hard during the Corona pandemic. With the new deduction, it is now possible to give your employees a gift card for a restaurant or café visit of maximum of 1200 DKK annually without taxation.

It is important to emphasize that this gift card does not fall under the normal rules that apply to employee benefits. In practice, this means that the general rules and amount limits for employee benefits, including Christmas gifts – remain unchanged and are thus not affected by the new tax-free company gift card.
If you exceed the amount limit of DKK 1200, the employee will be taxed on the entire value of one or the gift cards received. This means that there is a triviality limit.

How to buy tax-free gift cards with MENUPAY

There are two options to buy tax-free gift cards with MENUPAY.

  1. In your MENUPAY app, you can both redeem and buy gift cards under the field “Gift Cards”. You can buy gift cards individually and send them directly to the recipients, or you can buy more and have voucher codes sent directly to your own email, and then share them with your employees/colleagues.
  2. You can contact MENUAPAY at or by phone 31 31 64 64, weekdays 10-13 with your request for number of gift cards and value, and then an employee of MENUPAY will guide you further with the practical details.