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Restaurant program for businesses

With MenuPay you and your colleagues can dine out and get a discount in many great restaurants in Denmark, for example: Formel B, Kokkeriet, Kong Hans Kælder, Brdr. Price, Ravage, The Standard: Almanak & Verandah, Famo, Nose2Tail, Restaurant Kul, Restaurant Substans, Under Lindetræet, Letz Sushi, Café Sommersko, Café Dan Turéll, etc.

MenuPay partners with over 650+ dining places in Denmark, ranging from Michelin-starred restaurants to cafés and sushi places.

MenuPay gives you exceptional benefits:

1. Big savings on the entire bill
2. Easy access via web and/or app
3. Digital receipt - directly in your email's inbox
4. Simple payment solution a la MobilePay
5. An attractive employee benefit
6. Big savings on administration
7. We organize dining events for companies
8. No cost
9. Approved by Danish Financial Supervisory Authority*

450+ major danish companies are part of MenuPay

MenuPay has already gained trust from more than 450+ major companies and more companies are to come. Both danish and international employees have the opportunity to use MenuPay when they dine here in Denmark. MenuPay can be used both for business and private.

*MenuPay has a limited license to provide payment services in the country under Annex 1, No.5, see. §37, paragraph 1, according to the law about payment services and electronic money.

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    Benefits for companies
    No need to handle restaurant discount agreements.
    Budget saving of 15% on average.
    Clear overview of expenditures and savings.
    Better service for the commercial staff.
    Special events where MenuCard takes care of your business dining.

    Benefits for employees
    More restaurants’ options.
    Internal accounting becomes easier.
    Employees can use MenuPay also for private.

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