Corporate Governance

MenuPay AB has a dedicated and professional board, which together with CEO Kim Lykke Sommer take an active role in the development of the company. The Board is composed of professional business people with experience in related and relevant areas to running the company.

Besides their general business acumen, the members have entrepreneurial viewpoints and have experience in the companies that are customers of MenuPay. Board members have competencies in areas such as digital marketing, e-mail marketing, and from international restaurant conglomerates. They also have backgrounds as suppliers to restaurants, concept development, international business development and process improvement as well as capital acquisition.

Read the Company Bylaws HERE (swedish)

  Erik Lorenz Petersen, Chairman[LinkedIn]

  Michael Kjær, Board member[LinkedIn]

  Christian Peytz, Board member [LinkedIn]

  Nikolai Kronborg, Board member [LinkedIn]

  Frederik Bruhn, Board member [LinkedIn]

  Allan Carsten Bülow, Board member [LinkedIn]

  Kim Lykke Sommer, CEO [LinkedIn]
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