How MenuPay works?

Simply download the MenuPay app on your smartphone (the app is free of charge), visit one of MenuPay’s dining places and pay via the app – then you start saving.

How to pay via MenuPay

Step 1. Download the MenuPay app from App Store or Google Play (web solution for Windows Phone users).

Step 2. Log in to the app by using your e-mail and the MenuPay password.

Step 3. Find a dining place you would like to visit.

Step 4. When you receive the bill at the restaurant, inform the waiter that you would like to pay via MenuPay. Next step is to open your app, find the dining place, and press "Pay now". In the payment flow, enter the full amount from the bill - discount will be seen in the app and automatically deducted before your payment. After successful payment you will receive a receipt in your e-mail. You have also possibility to find the receipt in the MenuPay app (section "Visits").

See a video on how to pay via MenuPay here

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We also have a payment solution for Windows Phone
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