Visit a restaurant with Coronapas

Finally we can visit our many dining places and cafés from next week. However, there is a new element we need to take into account and this is the upcoming coronapas.

As part of the grand reopening of Denmark, it has been decided, that you should bring a coronapas with you, when you wish to visit a restaurant. The coronapas will show if you have been vaccinated, have a negative corona test, which must not exceed 72 hours or if you have been infected previously. Kids under 15 years are excepted.

The Coronapas will start out in the app “MinSundhed” until a more advanced app has been developed. This means if you already have the app “MinSundhed” installed on your phone, you have your coronapas. If you have not installed the app, it is just to download it, so you are ready to once again go visit your favourite dining places.

If you are sitting outdoor there will be no need for the Coronapas, but you will need it for indoor servings. Indoor you are now allowed to be up to 25 person in a party for lunch, dinners, cocktails, etc. and 75 people outdoor.

Dining places and bars will have their last serving at 10 pm., and will be closing at 11 pm. Private parties can continue after 11 pm, as long as they are in a seperate room/location.

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/updated May 12. 2021.